11 Oct 2019

After brief period of clingy attachment the boy slowly detaches and goes into the Child pose Balasana. Child's Pose helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue. Everybody wins ✌

Personal work finally!!!

6 Oct 2019

So excited to do a collab with Valley Cruise Press - this is gonna be a woven blanket!

24 Sep 2019

Lustr DID happen. Thank you AGAIN Nadia & The Team for having us!!

18 Sep 2019

We did stickers; ❤you Random Collective

13 Sep 2019

Lustr 2019 in Prague is happening! And my mates from Random Collective are coming. Come to see our show and watch our talk. Also check our Insta here

10 Sep 2019

Mary-Louise Hildebrandt - the managing Director of The Relationship Foundation (TRF) - a non-profit organization that implements Trauma-Informed School approaches into New York City schools - got in touch! They were hosting a Celebration of Resilience & Healthy Relationships Fundraiser on Monday, September 16th and asked me to contribute a piece. Yeah relationships, we need more resilience building tools, I do for sure! 💪

3 Sep 2019

Forbes Japan along with their sister mag Work Mill asked me to do 3 images, one of them on the topic of Open Government in Taiwan, the second on Teal organisation and the last one on branding strategies and marketing. Oh man, this is when heavy heavy simplifying comes into play. Thanks god for colour too. Images shared below

1 Sep 2019

After 5 years of lazy web presence I have a new website! Designed by Anymade studio boys from Prague and coded by Florian Karsten, here it is. Handle with love ❤

15 Oct 2019

I am going to be speaking at Eastern Design Conference 2019 in Kosice in few weeks! It is all happening on 8 – 9 November 2019!!! So looking forward to meeting guys from SNASK, Slovak typographer Peter Bilak, Czech book designer and typographer Martin Pecina, and the whole bunch of super talented men. And totally can't wait to meet product designer Anna Maresova, writer/researcher Olda Drenda and designer Zuzana Gombosova

8 Oct 2019

Am finally creating something for a Slovak client - VUB bank! This is going to be printed on a wallet (edition of 12), that will go to the winners of a competition that is running as a part of their current FEJM campaign. Production done by one and only Retart, campaign ran by agency TRIAD, exciting! 👏

7 Oct 2019

Sneaky crop from the work for Apple Store that I've just sent off, don't tell Jason 👻

1 Oct 2019

Audi picture is online! Thanks Maria from ❤

2 Sep 2019

Isabel O'Toole did some snaps, check her out ❤

1 Sep 2019

Hello 👋